Supplier Drone - Design Thinking Workshop on 26th February 2018 in the BayernLab

Together with the BayernLab in Bad Neustadt, pupils from the local grammar school (Rhön Gymnasium) and two trainers from the Center for Digital Innovations (Zentrum für Digitale Innovationen - ZDI) in Würzburg and guests from other companies, JOPP ran a Design Thinking Workshop in the BayernLab in Bad Neustadt. The basic idea of Design Thinking is to harness new ideas from various groups of people. Design Thinking is a systematic approach to solving complex problems from any aspect of life. Due to the constant communication between the developers and the target group, the wishes and requirements of users as well as user-friendly innovation and simple prototypes are at the center of the process, thus leading to practical results.

As the new megatrend, drones lended themselves easily to this imaginative method in order to find solutions for a supplier drone which JOPP wishes to use between its different sites in the future.
Careful consideration was given to various topics, such as loading and unloading the drones and the design of a simple and safe landing area. The initial ideas were tested by interviewing business people in Bad Neustadt and people on the street. The afternoon was then spent taking first steps already. The best ideas were collected and outlined in draft sketches and initial prototypes were produced using paper, modelling clay and lego.

The ZDI in Würzburg wishes to offer similar workshops in the future in order to encourage more start ups and innovation. For Rhön-Gymnasium and the pupils who took part in the workshop it was also the start of a closer partnership with a local company.