Thanks to its wide technology portfolio, JOPP is interesting both as an employer and a supplier of sophisticated components. Starting with precision machining and powder metal technology, JOPP also manufactures plastic and foamed articles in-house. The portfolio is complimented by a high competency in electronics manufacturing. With these technologies, JOPP secures the advantages of high in-house added value which generates competitive advantages. In corresponding technologies, JOPP competes with the market-leading specialists.


Strong product development is the basis of JOPP’s success as a system supplier to automotive customers. Starting with the development of mechanics, JOPP also has the competency in interior design and vehicle electronics. The company has own patents in its business sectors and constantly implements innovations in series production. In its own test and validation department, prototypes are tested as per the state of the art. Its own prototype and sample shop ensure fast development of parts ready for demonstration and testing.

Project Management

Project Management at JOPP ensures the smooth start of projects into production and is the essential link between customers, sales, product development, purchasing, production planning and quality assurance. In the respective production sites, there are correspondent ramp-up managers who manage the industrialization process on site.

Quality Management

JOPP produces its production products as per the zero-defects-strategy and permanently follows high quality goals in mass production. To achieve this, JOPP has a quality management system which is certified as per the relevant automotive standards. The company complies with standardized and documented processes which are continuously developed further as per the customer requirements in the automotive industry.


A comparatively high vertical integration makes JOPP a competent partner for challenging projects. The machine and facility park is always state-of-the-art. Special machines are generally built with internal know how, which often generates advantages with regard to response rates and flexibility. All production processes are consequently geared towards LEAN principles and continuously improved.