The beginnings of JOPP date back to 1919 when the Theodor Jopp KG, a company for manufacturing bicyle parts and agricultural equipment, was founded. Since the majority takeover of the company by Dr.-Ing. Hubert P. Büchs in 1991, JOPP has been owned by the Büchs family.

With the expansion of the automotive parts business, a course of growth started which has continued to date.  Due to the foundation and acquisitions of new plants, the extension of existing company sites and the setup of internal product development, the JOPP Group has been growing stronger than the automotive market. Today, it registers a turnover of around 200 million € (2019) and over 1,700 employees worldwide. JOPP has own production sites in Europe, Asia and America.



Corporate Centenary
New Development Centre in Bad Neustadt is opened
Establishment of Joint Venture with India  "Lumax Jopp Allied Technologies PVT"

2018New building for Jopp Electronics in Villingen-Schwenningen is opened
2016Takeover of  ELKCOM GmbH, new corporate name EMSO Electrical Mechanical Solutions GmbH
2015Takeover of VES GmbH, St. Georgen; later integration into Jopp Electronics GmbH
2013Renaming of subsidary companies Himmermann, Grimm and Haas to JOPP
2011Takeover of the Haas Group: product range gear knobs, covers and vehicle interior and leather parts, locations in Hungary and Mexico
2010Majority participation in IFSYS GmbH, feeding technology for technical installations
2006Reorganization into Holding Structure
2006Foundation of Jopp Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., P. R. China, initially representative office, today production site
2005Outsourcing of cutting tool production to independent company, turbocut Jopp GmbH
2003Foundation of Jopp Automotive s.r.o., Czech Republic
2002Takeover of Grimm Elektronik GmbH, electronics
2001Takeover of Fritz Himmermann GmbH & Co. KG, injection moulding
1996First high-volume order for gearshift systems, start of product development
1991Majority takeover of JOPP by Dr. Hubert P. Büchs, change of name to Jopp GmbH
1972Start of powder metal parts production
1920Start of machined parts production
1919Foundation of Theodor Jopp KG, production of bicycle parts and agricultural accessories