As a long-standing partner for development and series production, JOPP supplies customers in automotive, medical technology and other industries with precision machined parts.

The lead technology centre in Germany is responsible to coordinate technical advice and assistance for customers and JOPP’s international locations. JOPP has global production locations including Germany, Czech Republic and China. All locations can adapt technology to specific customer requirements.

JOPP has a vast range of advanced turning machines. JOPP delivers a wide range of products made from steel and aluminium as well as machined cast and forged parts. From single items right up to pre-assembled sub-systems.



JOPP is convinced that the only way to develop a long-term partnership is to achieve maximum added value for its customers.

At a glance: JOPP’s speciality to meet the highest demands in the field of precision machining:

  • Turning and milling technology
  • Machining of sintered and formed parts
  • Centreless through and plunge grinding
  • Coordinate grinding
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Honing
  • Thermal and electrochemical deburring, slide grinding
  • Assembly technology
  • Laser welding

With over 100 years of experience, JOPP is a specialist in all aspects of turned parts. JOPP optimises the manufacturing process of its customers product. Only the best processes guarantee added value with the highest quality standards in the industry. JOPP advises and supports its customers with an experienced team during development.  

Speed to Market
As a medium-sized family business, JOPP is extremely flexible. With its flat hierarchies, JOPP can make immediate decisions and react extremely quickly.   

Optimising Commercials
JOPP uses state-of-the-art machines and has the necessary know-how to manufacture precision parts paying particular attention to cost and scalability.

International Presence
JOPP’s international production locations in Germany, Czech Republic and China can support global customers locally.





JOPP's experienced industry leading project management and sales team provides first class service supporting its customers during the product development phase and with bespoke designs and optimised processes.

By including JOPP as a development partner at the earliest opportunity during the initial concept design, customers get the very best possibility to optimising the design with valuable hints and innovative ideas. The production of sample parts at an early stage offers significant time advantages to the customer if large series parts are to be produced later.

JOPP always reviews the potential to using alternative cost-effective manufacturing techniques, such as utilising in-house powder metallurgy as an alternative or to compliment sintered parts. This is JOPP’s unique position in the market and gives customers a fantastic advantage to optimise quality, costs and time.



JOPP prides itself by continually investing and using modern machinery and automated processes in large-scale production.

The machines are connected via a network to JOPP’s centralised ERP system SAP via an MDE system. This enables the logistics department to track order status in real time.

At the locations in Bad Neustadt (Germany) and Třebíč (Czech Republic), the following machines are used:

  • CAM-controlled multi-spindle machines (Schütte) up to a part diameter of 81 mm
  • CNC multi-spindle machines (Schütte, Index, Tajmac) up to a part diameter of 67 mm for complex turned parts with milling and tran- versing capabilities in one set-up
  • CNC rotary transfer machines (Pfiffner, JOPP in-house production)
  • CNC single-spindle machines (Index) up to a part diameter of 65 mm for the complete machining of complex parts
  • Fine turning machines (Benzinger, Spinner, Takisawa, Hurco)
  • Through-feed grinding machines, puncture milling machines, internal cylindrical grinding machines and coordinate grinding machines of the latest generation for demanding contours
  • CNC machining centres with 3 to 5 axes (Chiron, Doosan, Hermle, Hurco)
  • Honing machines (Sunnen, Pemamo)
  • Machines for electromechanical and thermal deburring, as well as slide grinding systems
  • State-of-the-art automatic testing machines for 100 % inspection and automated packaging
  • Laser welding facility
  • Washing systems from various manufacturers based on water and solvents   




JOPP processes turned parts with the highest demands on precision. The machinery enables the production of both large and small lot sizes as well as samples for testing.

JOPP's expertise is manufacturing technically demanding and precise products for customers in automotive and other industrial sectors. The company specialises in components ranging in diameter from 10 to 81 mm, often with additional requirements such as cleanliness, hardening and coating.

JOPP supplies a wide range of turned parts and assemblies to vehicle manufacturers as well as suppliers in addition to other JOPP divisions where the components are required for higher level assemblies. It is exactly this know-how that makes JOPP the ideal choice when considering simple or complex assemblies.

JOPP is the only turned parts supplier that automatically checks customer drawings for alternative technologies such as a sintering. It is precisely the combination of expertise in both processes that allows JOPP a unique advantage in advising customers.

The globally recognised phrase synonymous with quality and technology "Made in Germany", encapsulates everything about JOPP.  In addition to the requirements for qualitative and certified processes, JOPP also focuses on expanding to additional industrial standards with zero-defect-strategy and state-of-the-art facilities.

The company complies to automotive standards according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 as well as TISAX Level AL2. JOPP uses an SAP-based planning system with EDI connection and internal material logistics with KANBAN, supermarket and milkrun principles. The product and process flows are designed according to lean management philosophies and the workplaces according to 5S and One-Piece-Flow. For large lots, JOPP develops product-specific special solutions for 100 % control of certain characteristics. The in-house plant engineering department provides invaluable support. In cases where high process capabilities are required, JOPP's experts are able to control the machines taking real time data feedback of measured values directly from the production lines or SPC stations.

JOPP’s measuring and testing equipment exceeds the industry standard by far:

  • Laboratory for cleanliness analysis
  • Materials laboratory for grinding and evaluation
  • Spectral analysis for material determination and chemical composition
  • Tensile and compression testing machine for complex components up to 100kN
  • 3D measuring machines
  • Form and position encoder
  • Contorgraphs
  • Surface Roughness
  • Optical projectors
  • Magnetic field measuring
  • Gloss meter
  • Measuring and test equipment management incl. calibration
  • Hardness tester
  • Layer thickness measuring instruments

On request JOPP documents and archives measured values, camera images and other data for safety-critical components, linked to individual part identification.


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