JOPP Focuses on E-Bikes

Wolfgang Voll, first chairman of the works council Jopp Automotive GmbH, Martin Büchs, Managing Director JOPP Group, and Bernhard Wolf are happy about the start of the JOPP bike programme.

JOPP has already 8 electric vehicles which are used for intra-company transport in Bad Neustadt. Part of the vehicles was also rented to employees which daily commute between home and workplace. At JOPP, the vehicles can then be charged daily. Besides, the battery storage of the vehicles is used when the machines in the plant have an especially high electricity consumption. During low workload, the batteries are filled again.

After positive experiences with the electric vehicles, JOPP now wants to buy e-bikes for employees which they can also use privately.

With the company-internal programme "JOPP Business Bike", JOPP offers all employees at the 3 company sites in Bad Neustadt as well as of turbocut Jopp GmbH and the Großbardorf-based IFSYS GmbH the possibility to pay their bike conveniently from gross wages via monthly salary account.

JOPP is the first major enterprise in the region to use the concept of monthly deferred compensation for bikes. JOPP buys the bikes for its employees directly from the bike dealer and leaves them to the relevant persons. After 36 months, the employee becomes official owner of the bike. Wolfgang Voll, works council Jopp Automotive GmbH, emphasizes: "We have succeeded in working out an extremely attractive model for our employees and trust that it will attract lots of interest. In individual cases, an employee can save over 1,000 EUR on the purchase of an average e-bike. And if there is also a positive effect on environment and health for the individual, then the whole thing has paid off twice".

The Bad Neustadt-based bike dealer DERWOLF e.K. was won as partner for the bike programme. Apart from a wide-ranging variety of bikes and e-bikes, especially the know-how for e-bikes and the effective service team had convinced. Owner Bernhard Wolf stressed, that the demand for e-bikes had increased enormously and that, on account of that attractive finance model, he expected further growth, particularly with regard to the outfit of the bikes. However, they were prepared for a possible run of buyers, he emphasized smilingly.

"Apart from a positive effect for our employees' health the bikes also make an active contribution to environmental protection. We expect that especially during summer months, the car will remain in the garage and employees will use their bike to ride to work", says Martin Büchs, Managing Director of the JOPP Group. Furthermore he emphasized that he did not know about any other company which had implemented such a model yet. Of course, there were leasing providers on the market with the support of which one could buy bikes via the employer, but such offers had various other disadvantages which did not exist with the concept worked out by JOPP.

Both partners are happy about the cooperation and trust that many employees will participate. However, all assembled agreed that there was still a long way to go until the electricity from bikes could also be used for peak equalisation in the company's electricity consumption.