Christmas Donation to Palliative Care Unit in Bad Neustadt

Each year, the automotive supplier JOPP traditionally supports social services providers in the administrative district of Rhön-Grabfeld.

This year, the donation amounting to 3,000 EUR was awarded to the initiative "Verein zur Förderung der Palliativmedizin e.V." at the Rhön-Kreisklinik Bad Neustadt.

Palliative care looks after people suffering from terminal illness. The aim of pain- and symptom-relieving therapies in combination with holistic support is to improve quality of life to enable autonomous life with only mild symptoms to the last.

The initiative „Verein zur Förderung der Palliativmedizin e.V.“, which was founded in 2009, supports palliative care especially in the administrative districts of Rhön-­Grabfeld and Bad Kissingen. In addition, it pursues the objective to support the palliative care unit at the Rhön-Kreisklinik intangibly and financially. The initiative helps to finance necessary purchase or projects; furthermore to make a wider knowledge about palliative care available to the public.

„Your work is indispensible. Thank you for enabling individual support for critally ill people and their relatives", JOPP Managing Director Martin Büchs said, while handing over the donation cheque to the chairman of the initiative, Dr. Michael Schneider, who was very happy about the financial support.