Sustainability and Responsibility

JOPP has been operating successfully as a family business since the foundation of the company more than 100 years ago. For the owners, the preservation of life and responsible economic activity are important values.

JOPP is a global automotive supplier that is characterised by long-term and sustainable thinking, as well as trusting cooperation with its business partners. Innovation, competence, quality and reliability are the foundations for the JOPP group. The responsible behaviour of employees at all global locations is one of the top priorities for the company's management team.

Thanks to world class customer service and products, JOPP has grown with great success over many years. JOPP manufactures our products worldwide strategically located in all the main automotive markets represented by six different business divisions. The company ethos is to ensure all divisions act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Code of Conduct

JOPP operates according to a code of conduct that requires all employees to act in accordance with minimum ethical standards based on the UN Global Compact.

JOPP demands the same from its suppliers and business partners.

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Notices of violations of laws, policies and other rules can be reported HERE at any time.

Information on data protection in compliance notices can be found HERE.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency

For many years, JOPP has been certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001, which regulates processes for handling hazardous substances, waste, emissions and much more.

In the large energy-intensive plants, JOPP is also accredited to ISO 50001 which certifies the careful and considerate use of energy complimented with an energy management system that complies with the standard.

By investing in leading edge technologies, JOPP sets tough improvement targets which JOPP is proud to have achieved and sustained over many years.

JOPP already produces a portion of the required electricity at several sites and sees further potential with a desire to become CO2-neutral within in a few years.

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Occupational safety and data security

In terms of occupational safety, JOPP has always worked according to recognised standards. This is one of the key reasons that JOPP has regularly sustained a below-average number of industrial accidents. Safety specialists, safety officers and managers train employees how to deal with potential hazards. Trained first aiders are available for medical emergencies. Fire and plant safety also play an important role in averting hazardous situations.

In the increasingly digitalised world, data protection plays an ever more important role, which is why JOPP maintains a data security management system (TISAX). This is certified according to the requirements of the automotive industry. This ensures the confidentiality of personal and customer-specific data.

Customer audits

JOPP's customers, especially vehicle manufacturers, take all issues of sustainable corporate governance very seriously. Therefore, external auditors regularly evaluate the company.  JOPP prides itself on historically always achieving top marks in these audits. JOPP recognises the important roles played by our customers for continually being given the opportunity to demonstrate continual improvement.

Innovative products

The wide range of technologies that the various companies within the JOPP Group enables the company to regularly exploit potential for improvement in large-scale production. Machining parts can occasionally be replaced by sintered parts and sintered parts by plastic parts. The former increases material efficiency, the latter reduces the weight of the component, which ultimately leads to fuel saving. In the field of plastic technology, JOPP has many years of experience in the use of recyclable material, i.e. plastics from a circular economy. Enriched by sensor technology and electronics, JOPP also supplies intelligent products with further possibilities for optimising fuel consumption, such as start-stop sensor technology.

The products for electric vehicles in particular have the potential to lead to further savings especially as these vehicles production numbers are ever increasing.

Action on the ground

The new R&D Centre in Bad Neustadt demonstrates JOPP's commitment:

A new development center with increased capacity and technologies was inaugurated in Bad Neustadt Germany in 2019. The new R&D Centre allows JOPP to evolve and proactively meet the changing needs of the world and is key to enable further growth. Flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability were important factors. Thus, the new R&D centre was built on an existing JOPP brown field site and not green belt, demonstrating JOPP’s sensitivity to the environment and providing urban improvements too.

In all business decisions, the detailed planning took into account not only the economic aspects but also the impact on the environment, sustainability and a good working environment.
The following measures have been implemented:

  • Excellent energy efficiency in summer and winter due to appropriate insulation
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by 83.4 % through the use of district heating
  • Passively controlled air exchanger saves energy and reduces the risk of transmitting viruses between employees and visitors alike
  • Reduction of the outdoor paving by adopting garden areas
  • Equipping the plant with stations for charging electric and hybrid vehicles