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At the German company sites, the JOPP Group offers a variety of professions that require thorough training:

  • mechatronic technician
  • industrial mechanic
  • cutting machine operator
  • machine and plant operator
  • process technician for rubber and plastics engineering
  • tool engineer
  • industrial electrician operating technology
  • industrial electronics technician
  • electronics technician for equipment and systems
  • industrial management assistant


Apprenticeships begin every year on the first workday in September. Applications for professional training should be submitted approximately one year before.

If you are interested in an integrated degree program, combination studies or BA studies, please have a look at our range of studies that JOPP supports.

For an overview of current vacant positions, please see category "vacant positions".

Saving the best till last.
Complete your studies with a successful and practical dissertation/final paper with us.

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Your contacts for practical training ("Schnupperlehre"), holiday jobs and temporary jobs are: 



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