JOPP is your powerful and professional partner for injection molding, mold making, surface finishing and assembly.

As a supplier and series manufacturer,  JOPP is actively represented on the market in the automotive, industrial goods, construction and medical technology sectors.

Competent advice and perfect order processing are just as much a matter of course for JOPP as first-class results. The products and services meet the high quality standards of the automotive industry.



JOPP shapes ideas - close cooperation ensures optimised value process. JOPP provides expert resident engineers. Extensive experience of automotive standards. JOPP collaborates with universities and respected scientific institutes.

JOPP offers a full-service supplier concept, whilst always considering the customer's unique demands. From concept through development to testing & customised processes, culminating in state-of-the-art production, whilst supporting the customer through every step.





Thermal Deburring
Burr-free decorative plastic parts - JOPP is able to minimise parting lines through using fully automated and integrated thermal deburring operations.
This provides an outstanding visual aesthetic together with a smooth to touch surface.


Top class finish - JOPP uses a combination of different processes including coating, laser marking, printing and electroplating.
JOPP supports wet painting with water-based and solvent based paints, depending on the unique requirements. All coated products are cleaned by a preliminary purification (CO²-based).



Electroplating - JOPP can provide all colour variants and other special requirements as needed. For the welding process, JOPP ensures the highest standards by using fully automatic and integrated masking operations.



Range from 35 up to 500 tons closing force - JOPP uses state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled processes such as 2-component and rotary table machinery.

A high level of automation guarantees maximum process reliability and outstanding product quality.





Polyurethane (PU) Foaming

JOPP specialises in acoustic and/or vibration NVH solutions as well as haptic and surface aspects of interior products.

JOPP's expertise for PU foaming technology is renowned industry wide and supports the trends for soft-feel surfaces and customer requirements for gloss and colour. Genuine or artificial leather upholstery finishes PUR foamed components for mid-class or premium vehicles.





Sewing & Embroidery
JOPP is a reputable manufacturer of bespoke artificial and natural leather products. Special designs / High Trim Levels like gear knobs, shift gaiters and covers utalising non-standard leather colours and decorative stitching together with embroidering of logos or model names.

JOPP's flexibility for medium or high volumes, semi-automated solutions or manual lamination for lower volumes offer total flexibility. Customised and high quality leather  laminated with substrates give products like gear knobs and armrests an exclusive style together with a luxury appearance and feel.

Precision and efficiency are JOPP‘s hallmarks. CNC cutting ensures an efficient use of material and accurate repeatable results. Intelligent software calculates the best utilisation of each hide. This is extremely important for our consideration to the environment.



JOPP uses the most modern equipment. All activities are continuously monitored and controlled. Final inspection of the assembled parts guarantees outstanding world-class quality.

JOPP‘s in-house development & production of state-of-the-art assembly lines, together with JOPP’s customised end-of-line-test equipment results in a flexible and efficient process satisfying the highest automotive standards. Outstanding quality is guaranteed, satisfying interior expectations and electronic requirements if items like switches are included.





For vehicle interior applications, JOPP develops and produces gear knobs and gaiters made of plastics, foam and leather.

For special models as well as particular vehicle editions, special designs such as distinctive plaquette illumination or non-standard leather colours can be achieved. For every single product, fundamental aspects such as ergonomics, robustness, durability and functional reliability are to the fore.

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