JOPP pioneering the model project "Corona vaccination in the company”

The Bavarian Ministry of Health, together with the Bavarian Business Association (vbw), has selected ten esteemed companies in the Free State of Bavaria to participate in a model project for Corona vaccination in the workplace. Companies of different sizes from high-incidence areas were selected. JOPP was nominated for the Lower Franconian locations in Bad Neustadt and Grossbardorf.

The company is immediately pushing ahead with the vaccination of its 900 employees located in the Bad Neustadt area at record speed.  On Friday April 30th 2021, just three hours after the vaccine arrived in the region the first vaccinations began that afternoon.

Together with the Rhön-Grabfeld vaccination centre, Jopp’s company medic, Dr. Wehe together with other specialists, will facilitate the vaccination program of all employees in the Rhön-Grabfeld region. The take up of the vaccine amongst the staff is extremely high. Already after the announcement on day 1, more than 200 registrations for the vaccination were received. All employees have the opportunity to receive a vaccination without the inconvenience of traveling to a medical centre. A positive for personal convenience and also important is the positive contribution to the environment by reducing the need for individuals to drive to centres, thus actively reducing carbon emissions.  By vaccinating in the work place, the company wants to contribute actively and efficiently to increasing the general vaccination rate. A low risk of infection in large companies with a high contact rate among employees directly serves to protect the entire population.

The vaccine comes from a special quota of 50,000 vaccine doses for the Bavarian companies in model phase 1.