JOPP Expands its Board of Directors

Richard Diem, neuer Geschäftsführer (2.v.l.). Mit dabei die anderen Geschäftsführer: Martin Büchs (1.v.l.), Dr. H. Büchs (2.v.r.) und Klaus Gockler (1.v.r.). Foto: Simon Snaschel

The automotive supplier announced that Richard Diem has been appointed a fourth managing director.

Mr. Diem has been working in management in the automotive industry for many years. His last position was as head of sales for FTE in Ebern where he worked for ten years. Mr. Diem will manage the largest business sector at Jopp, gearshift systems where shifter systems and shift towers for OEMs and Tier 1 companies of the automotive industry are developed and manufactured. JOPP announced at the same time that it intends to play a bigger role in the growing market for hybrid and electric mobility which will also be under Diem’s responsibility. As an automotive supplier, Jopp sees itself as a competent partner with a high degree of value creation for steel, plastics and electronics where it is able to combine various production technologies to present innovations to its customers.

Apart from the gearshift business sector Jopp is also a supplier of precision machined parts as well as powder metal parts and complete electronic assemblies, all of which will remain the responsibility of managing director Martin Büchs. Klaus Gockler who has hitherto headed the gearshift business sector will remain on the board of directors and be responsible for the lubrication and engine cooling systems. He will also manage a program for adapting to new technologies and creating more efficiency.

As a majority shareholder Dr. Hubert P. Büchs will also remain on the board of directors. As well as being in charge of product innovations he will also be responsible for the construction in the corporate group, including the new development center in Bad Neustadt which is to be inaugurated for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the company in 2019.