JOPP donates 50,000 euros to a local aid organisation in Mechernich Germany

R. Schlösser; M. Dovern; N. Blumenau; R. Cardinal; C. Gräf; T. Becker; B. Preuß; P. Züll; C. Theiß

The major storm disaster in the Eifel region of Germany, and the distress and suffering associated with it has deeply touched the employees of the entire JOPP Group.

"We all feel for the people in the disaster areas and very much hope that the situation will stabilise in the next few days," says Christoph Theiß, Managing Director of Jopp Plastics Technology GmbH.

The Jopp Plastics site located in Mechernich also experienced temporary interruptions in production due to the regional power cuts that lasted for days. A lot of employees from the region were unable to come to work for a short time.

In addition to the help already provided in the form of appeals for donations, Jopp Plastics has donated 50,000 euros as emergency aid to a local relief organisation. The choice of organisation has been made by Mr Theiß together with the Jopp Plastics employees. 

This donation campaign demonstrates the great cohesion within JOPP.
"As a group of companies, we stick together in times of crisis and help where it is most needed," said Richard Diem,
Managing Director of Jopp Holding GmbH.