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With its own in-house advance development department, the JOPP Group is continuously working on forward-thinking product ideas.

This results in innovative, highly integrated developments like the new modular shift tower. It integrates group-wide production technologies (such as know-how in gear shifters, plastics and electronics) into one product - offering customers a solution with weight and price advantages and at the same time providing sophisticated sensor-based functionality.

Furthermore, advance development deals with future business sectors in the JOPP Group. The knowledge on existing products and production technologies enables the systematic analysis of electric car technology and generates new product ideas. Examples of this include heat management for battery and power electronics in electric vehicles which are based on existing products such as engine cooling systems and various actuators - as well as JOPP's competence in plastics and electronics.

Beyond mere product development, JOPP also engages in the challenges of CO2-reduced solutions. Examples of this include the use of drones and their innovative sensor concepts for collision avoidance.