JOPP takes first large photovoltaic plant into operation

Detlef Gensler (Head of Corporate Customer Services Sparkasse NES), Georg Straub (Vorstand Sparkasse NES), Martin Büchs (Sparkasse Board Member), Carlo Jacopino (Head of Operations JOPP), Christoph Hergenhahn (Head of Grid Operations Überlandwerk), Michael Werner (Mayor NES), Patrick Pfenning (Project Manager Suntec) Photo: Sigrid Brunner

JOPP hosted an official ceremony to mark the commissioning of the first major corporate photovoltaic unit in Bad Neustadt and thanked everyone who was involved.

JOPP's Managing Director Martin Büchs and the Head of Operations, Carlo Jacopino, as well as Mayor Michael Werner, Sparkasse CEO Georg Straub, Detlef Gensler, Head of Corporate Customer Services, the Head of Grid Operations from the company Überlandwerk, Christoph Hergenhahn, and the company Suntec, Project Manager Patrick Pfenning jointly commissioned the new system. Representatives of the press were also on site. 

Martin Büchs emphasized that the installation of photovoltaic systems was one of the largest construction projects in 2022 at JOPP.  At the same time, it was associated with many challenges: Statics, fire protection, roof renovation, feed-in commitments, material availability, certification and many more. Therefore, the preparatory measures had already been running for two years. Against all adversities, the first large-scale system has now gone into operation at plant 3 in Bad Neustadt with an output greater than 700 kWp.

Despite the size with almost 1,800 solar modules, the power generation is expected to cover only just under 10% of the plant's annual consumption. Therefore, JOPP is planning further projects that are already being implemented. In total, the roof systems in Bad Neustadt will comprise 1.8 MWp, which will be completed in the next few months. The same size will be added for the roof systems at JOPP plants outside the region.

JOPP has founded an independent company to generate its own electricity, which can also participate in other solar and wind projects in the region in order to achieve the goal of CO2-neutral production in Bad Neustadt by 2035. For this purpose, the company is also striving for cooperation with other companies and regional partners, according to Managing Director Martin Büchs.

JOPP is particularly proud that, in addition to the company and bank financing, employees are also participating in the financing of energy-saving and generation measures. Through a profit participation rights program, employees have provided the company with more than EUR 2 million to finance long-term investments. Managing Director Martin Büchs: "The employees get more than 5% interest per year over 6 years, we get additional funds for financing, and ultimately everyone benefits from this, including the environmental balance of the company and the region."

In addition to sustainable electricity production, the plant is also expected to contribute to lower electricity costs for the company in the long term and thus to site security. "The additional burdens from the current energy crisis are enormous," says Managing Director Martin Büchs. "Therefore, we are very happy that we could take a first step towards self-sufficiency."
Martin Büchs also emphasized that with the installation and self-generation, the company has created the basis for long-term customer satisfaction, thus laying a good foundation for further orders.