JOPP donates 20,000 euros as emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine.

War reigns in the middle of Europe. Millions of children, women and men fear for their lives and their future.

JOPP's sympathy and solidarity goes first and foremost to the Ukrainian citizens, and to the people who are suffering the devastating consequences of this horrific war, but also to the peaceful Russian citizens who are being dragged into the conflict without their will. „On behalf of all JOPP Group employees, our thoughts, wishes and empathy are with our employees with Ukrainian nationality at our sites in Eastern Europe. And our thoughts and prayers extend to their families too. We wish to express our sincere support during this very difficult time,“ said Martin Büchs, Managing Director of the JOPP Group.

JOPP has no locations in Russia and Ukraine and does not supply customers in Russia. The company is not directly affected by the sanctions implemented by the European Union. However, interruptions in the supply chains of the automotive industry are likely. In this respect, the company expects significant challenges until the war is over.