Christmas Donation to Bildungspartnerschaft Rhön-Grabfeld

Handing over of the donation cheque to Bildungspartnerschaft Rhön-Grabfeld (from left to right): Bernhard Roth, Barbara Streit, Martin Büchs (Managing Director Jopp Holding GmbH) and Markus Till.

Each year, the automotive supplier JOPP traditionally supports social initiatives in the region Rhön-Grabfeld.

This year, the Jopp Holding GmbH supports the Bildungspartnerschaft Rhön-Grabfeld, an initiative which is 100% voluntary and supports selected children in the areas of concentration, language as well as social development and movement disorders.

On behalf of the Bildungspartnerschaft team, Markus Till received the cheque for 3,000 €. Martin Büchs, Managing Director of Jopp Holding GmbH, emphasised that, particularly for the youngest generation, an early promotion was important: By means of a good primary education which evoked fun while learning and reacted to the requirements respectively deficits of singular pupils, the foundations for a later successful occupational career could be laid. Thus, it stood to reason to support the Bildungspartnerschaft in the region and to invest into the company's future in an indirect way. 

Markus Till, head of the Caritas child guidance centre and speaker of the organisation, was happy about the amount of money: "Thanks to the donation we will be able to maintain our offer to help. It is always a good feeling to see that our voluntary efforts pay: The primary-school pupils attend the promotion lessons in a motivated way and it doesn't take long until they again have fun while learning. Refugee children are also successfully integrated into the promotion programme."  

The offers of the Bildungspartnerschaft are completely financed through donations and currently take place at nine schools in Rhön-Grabfeld.