5.2 million Euro for "Centre for Digital Innovations Main-Franconia (ZDI)"

During the 2. Würzburger Wirtschaftsdialog, the numerous network partners of the ZDI Main-Franconia were also present. Photo: City of Würzburg, Andreas Bestle

In the near future, there will be a huge glass cube in the central park of the new Würzburg quarter Hubland. It will be one of three parts of the new "Zentrum für digitale Innovationen (ZDI) Mainfranken" (Centre for Digital Innovations Main-Franconia). With this, the city of Würzburg had applied for the promotion programme "Digital Bavaria" and had won the bid.

Tuesday evening, the formal notification was awarded to the city of Würzburg by the Bavarian Minster for Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner during the "2. Würzburger Wirtschaftsdialog" in the Vogel Convention Center. The ZDI shall be a plattform to connect institutions of higher education, research institutions and companies to promote digitalisation in Main-Franconian economy. Jopp Holding GmbH is one of the numerous network partners in this digital major project. "We expect valuable contacts with students and founders, but also with other companies", says Managing Director Martin Büchs.